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As one of fastest growing institutions in China, our greatest asset is people-hose making innovative discoveries that improve the wellbeing of all humans through technology, environment, culture, etc.

If you join us, you are joining our efforts to make the local community and the whole world a better place to live, study, work and play. We are also committed to ensuring each and every employee will have an opportunity to succeed in their career.

International Relations Office
Email:fao@wzu.edu.cn Tel: 0086-577-86598029
Address:6th Floor, Administrative Building, South Campus
Human Resources Department
Email:rcb@wzu.edu.cn Tel: 0086-577-86595080
Address:7th Floor, Administrative Building, South Campus
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International Relations Office, Wenzhou University

Postal Address: 6th Floor, Administrative Building, South Campus, Wenzhou University, Chashan University Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China 325035

Tel: 0086-577-86598029

Fax: 0086-577-86598029

E-mail: fao@wzu.edu.cn

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