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The Application for WZU 2022 Autumn Intake is Open ​1. Programs2. Application costFor more information, please visit our official website for international students: 3. Eligibility01. Basic requirementsNon-Chinese citizen with a valid passport; Be in good health.02. Education background requirementsHigh school graduate or equivalent to a Chinese high school graduate (Bachelor Degree Applicant); Universi...
Our University Successfully Holds the Online Signing Ceremony with Istituto Marangoni, Italy On 16 December 2021, our university held the online exchange and cooperation meeting with Istituto Marangoni, Italy at Yansongtang Buqing Hall and successfully signed the MOU and established partnership with them. Among the representatives attending the meeting were Shun Wang, Vice President of Wenzhou University, Wenhao Huang, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Department, Ziji...
Wenzhou Business Daily APP: Students from Wenzhou University set up a public welfare center for water environment, in the past 18 years, the staff from the center have visited 11 counties and urban areas in Wenzhou “I have been part of the Wenda Qingyuan Water Environment Public Welfare Center since I was a freshman. Realizing the beautiful Chinese dream has become our big dream,” said the current legal representative of Wenzhou Wenda Qingyuan Water Environment Public Welfare Center, Shan Tianshang, who is also a student majoring in Environmental Science at Wenzhou University. This summer vacation, “We...
XUEXI.CN recommendation page: Wenzhou University student doing scientific research in Xisha accompanied more than 300 baby turtles to hatch Going around the island every day to check the spawning of green turtles on shore, making new islander friends, and occasionally having the freshest seafood for meal... This is the epitome of the life of Zhao Hongyun, a student from Wenzhou University, who has been on Ganquan Island in Xisha for about a month doing protection and scientific research on green turtles. He will stay on Xisha Ganqu...
Research on Modeling and Multi-objective Optimization of Parallel Disassembly Line Balance of Hybrid Products Speaker: Zhu Lixia, Ph.D., College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Wenzhou UniversityDate: April 23, 2021  Time: 14:00Venue: 6B 309, Academic Lecture Hall  Intro to the lecture: Disassembly is the primary link in the reuse, remanufacturing and recycling of waste products. To adapt to the large-scale disassembly and production of enterprises, disassembly lines have emerged. For the di...
The status quo and problems of near infrared detection for fruits Speaker: Professor Han Donghai, China Agricultural UniversityDate: April 15, 2021Time: 8:00Venue: 1A 502Intro to the speaker: Prof. Han Donghai is mainly engaged in the research of food quality and safety rapid non-destructive testing technology and new food processing technology. He published 4 books, one titled "Non-destructive Testing Technology for Agricultural Products", and 24 papers, 16...
How to prepare for the “Internet” competitions? Speaker: Professor Shao JieDate: March 22, 2021Time: 14:00Venue: 1A 502Intro to the speaker: Prof. Shao Jie studies laser technology, laser spectroscopy technology, atmospheric trace component detection, exhaled gas detection, virtual instrument development, spectral gas sensor development, etc., with a particular focus on direct absorption spectroscopy technology, wavelength modulation spectr...
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